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Services I Offer

Technical SEO Audits

I provide technical SEO audits at all levels. From very basic, just to find the underlying issues, to very indepth ones which go all the way down to minute details of SEO.

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Keyword Research & Analysis

Any campaign starts off with in-depth keyword research to discover the most relevant, high search volume keywords. Monitoring a detailed keyword list is crucial to gauge the success of any SEO campaign.

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Content Mapping

The next step is to break those keywords down into groups and then decide what page they will target on the site. Top terms usually target the homepage, while other groupings may target an existing page or require a page to be built.

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On Page Optimization

Once keywords and URL targets have been chosen, the next step is to effectively optimize each page for that set of keywords. Title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, keyword density and other on page factors are optimized in this step.

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Link Building

Targeting niche relevant, authoritative sites to improve your websites authority and keyword ranking through ethical and sustainable link building strategies. This crucial step is usually the difference maker between sites that rank and those that don’t.

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Social Media Promotion

I help you Build a loyal, active and engaged community on all social media relevant to your brand. 

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Promotional Animated Videos

I create promotional video and animated videos for your business, explaining your idea, product or service in a simple, easy and entertaining way. Through  my provided videos, you can increase your visitors and generate extra revenue.

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Creative Content Writing

Even with the most dynamic website in the earth, if it isn’t bringing content that is value the time of those who visit it, you’re ruined! That’s why I help you make attractive website content that comes with precise grammatical rules and clear message.

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